“Anti Catholic rhetoric in full swing”, “Racists gonna be racists” – Celtic fans rage at BBC’s latest gaffe

This just shows you just how institutionalised sectarianism is in Scotland that it’s now deemed ‘normal’ to joke about the Catholic clearances by John Knox.

Scottish football has suffered for decades with a sectarian problem bolstered with it being engrained in our society.

And this latest offering from the BBC either doesn’t help the situation or compounds it. Have a watch.

Now, I’m not daft. And I’m also not a snowflake that gets offended by everything I see and read.

Regular readers know I generally more or less take the p*ss out of a certain teams’ fans for their views on this subject and others, but it is widely disconcerting that a topic like ‘Catholic clearances’ is openly mocked on a major broadcaster at a time when we are all being forced to mourn a monarch that many have absolutely no interest in mourning.

And the comments didn’t go down too well with the Celtic support and others:

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