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“This is a cup final to them”, “When was the last time they got tested?” – Follow Follow continues the ‘not played anyone’ myth

Got to love these guys eh?

Just because they reached a European Final they think they are a ‘European club’.

Rangers are, of course, a European team. As are all teams that compete in European Leagues. They’re just not the European team they think they are.

Anyway, attention turned to Saturday’s Glasgow Derby and the blue lot from FF were getting rather over excited with claims that they will play their European style (which is mainly sitting in and counter attacking) and I genuinely hope they do it.

Because we will destroy them if they do.

All the arguments that we haven’t been tested whilst conveniently forgetting we have played Aberdeen, Hearts and Dundee United is laughable.

And by God are they going to get a shock at the weekend.

Anyway, enjoy the delusion folks, bookmark it and we can have a good laugh at them on Sunday.

I’ll get back to this one……..
This is 100% a lie.

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