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Daily Record’s bizarre Ralston/IRA story is embarrassing journalism

The Scottish media will do anything for a headline won’t they?

Anything to get people to click on a story that really has nothing to with our club or our players.

Take this offering from the Record.

I’m not even providing the link for it as it’s such a shambles of an article designed to besmirch our player and club it was posted at 430 am this morning.

Not even worthy of peak time traffic, this space filler should never have seen the light of day.

If every bootlegger that made dodgy Celtic (and Rangers for that matter) gear was reported on, we would never read about the football.

I’ll await their follow up article on Rangers fans bootleg gear celebrating peadophiles.

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One thought on “Daily Record’s bizarre Ralston/IRA story is embarrassing journalism”

  1. Sevco fans can’t tell the difference between fake strips and the geniine Castore article…well, they’re made in the same sweatshop so ye canny blame them!

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