Hugh Keevins seems to cast doubt on Jota move

Celtic Park

Pre season training has started and the fans look forward to the new season.

It seems so long now since the end of last season and we are all just looking forward to Ange Postecoglou’s boys returning.

But will they return with or without Portuguese winger Jota?

No one knows yet but speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Hugh Keevins seemed to cast doubt on the move when he said, “Celtic turn up for training today minus Jota. How long does this take? How long does Jota have to go on?

“Expected to sing for Celtic before it becomes another four letter word ending in ‘A’ and that is saga.

“The fee was agreed in the loan contract when he came here from Portugal from Benfica and all that needed to be done was personal terms.

“How long does it take?”

I suppose it depends on how you look it it.

It could be that the final details are being thrashed out as Jota is still on holiday.

It could be that the deal is done and we are just waiting on an announcement.

Or it could be that there is no deal.

I guess we won’t know until we get an update from the club, which could be any day now………….right?


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  • Great news if Keevins is poo-pooing it.
    That means it is definitely happening.
    Come on brothers – have faith.

  • Been saying it for years now. Keevins is a bitter, twisted old man who needs put out to grass (not the Wallace type😝).

    Here’s an exclusive for you…
    Jota has already signed and Celtic are just waiting on their announcement when it suits them. My understanding is that will be this coming Friday. Jota & Bernibei both at the same time and they will both join up with the rest of the Bhoys in Austria.

    Unlike the racist south of the water who are desperate to announce something, anything, Celtic won’t be bullied into making announcements because of Keevins or anyone else in the SMSM.

    So mark your calendar and get your scoop ready for publishing on Friday morning. Remember, you heard it here first.


  • Keevins was born in a strange place named “Oppsiteland” where the people say the reverse of what they actually mean. At least I assume so because whenever that fud makes any kind of claim the opposite seems to happen…so Jota the Bhoy it is then!

  • It’s not happening we’ve seen this movie too many times

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