“Your support weren’t liquidated. They just switched allegiance” – Brilliant replies to Sevco fans Manchester tweet

Celtic Park

The *Rangers support are a very strange bunch. Want to be part of the Old F*rm whenever they want to prove their club isn’t dead but don’t want to be associated with the term outside of Scotland.

Being the same club is all that matters to them.

They have no other aim in life than to convince everyone that liquidation didn’t happen. In fact, they actively try and airbrush it from history with their incessant p*sh about 55 and ‘most successful’ mantra.

It’s went past the needy stage to desperation stage.

And now we have this guy:

Who doesn’t quite grasp the concept of liquidation.

It really was a feeble attempt to try and be smart and to be fair, he almost pulled it off.

Well, he didn’t really but he took such a roasting for it I am trying to be kind:

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