“Time to come back to planet earth” – Daily Record prints Celtic fans rage at Kenny Millers Lisbon Lions comments

Celtic Park

In a week were *Rangers made a European final, this stupid and mindbending analysis of that and Celtic’s Lisbon Lions achievements in 67 have taken a turn for the worse.

Even trying to compare them both, 50 years apart, is so f**king brainless it defies belief.

It started, I think with Kenny Miller, last week and was then further compounded by Hugh Keevins who forever dines out on Lisbon Lions stories but was quick to dismiss their achievements in favour of the Ibrox clubs.

Well the Celtic fans have hit back on the Record Hotline and had some words of wisdom for Kenny Miller:

 Martin Leggat emailed: “Could you let Mr Miller know that Celtic won the European Cup by beating the champions of their country and an Inter Milan team who were twice winners in previous seasons with a much larger budget than Celtic who had all locally-born players.”

Jim Nichol, Armadale, said: “What an embarrassing statement from Miller. Time to come back to planet Earth, Kenny.”

Gordon Ashley claimed: “The arguments that a Rangers Europa League win would better the Lisbon Lions hold no water at all.

Celtic played and beat the champions of five countries including France and Italy, who had all the best players anyway.

Rangers have beaten no champions. It wouldn’t even be the second biggest achievement as Aberdeen beating Real Madrid would blow it away.”

And Kenny Wilson, Moffat, blasted: “The Premiership is the only league in the world where the best team is the one that finishes second even though the winners have six more points scored more goals conceded less goals and beat them twice out of four league games.

Were Celtic the best team in the league when they got to Seville but lost the league? No of course they weren’t but as always Rangers fans have selective memories.”

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