Frank McAvennie makes insane Sevco/Scott Brown comparison

Celtic Park

Firstly we have that club from Govan being compared to the Lisbon Lions now we have this.

Why can’t these ex players and pundits just accept what *Rangers are doing as their own instead of trying to play them off of our clubs achievements or our players.

Frank McAvennie was up next with his latest ramblings about *Rangers midfielder John Lundstram, “He’s got pelters off the Celtic fans for being too rough in the midfield area, he told Football Insider‘s Ben Wild.

But Scott Brown used to get the same treatment from Rangers fans because he was like that.

“You need a player like that. Every team needs a player like that.

He’s come through after a tough start at Rangers, and he’s done brilliantly.

He played well against Leipzig, and they didn’t let them settle whatsoever. I really wouldn’t be surprised if they went on to win the tournament.

“Now the supporters know he’s capable of performances like that, they’ll be expecting it from him week-in, week-out.”

Lundstram is not even half the player Broony was.

Broony was in a class of his own and not only does he have the medals to back it up, he had the ability.

He also had the ability to get into peoples heads and psyche them out. The only way Lundstram could do that is with a high boot.

These pundits need to leave these stupid comparisons well alone.

It gives that mob from Govan oxygen to feed their already deluded p**h that they are trying to convince themselves is true.

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