“The “copy fellow bear” is just phenomenal” – Classic Banter Years return as Celtic fans reminisce pre Sydney Cup

Remember when the team across the city were going through their financial troubles?

Yeah, you do. Remember they went into administration and then got liquidated and died?

What do you mean it never happened? Of course it happened. We all know it did along with them stiffing creditors and Scottish football no matter what the media tells you.

Of course I am being pedantic here but there is a reason.

Celtic fans were reminiscing about the time the oldco Rangers fans came up with ideas to help raise money to try and save their club from dying.

Far be it from me to suggest they sat back and did nothing but they might as well have when looking back at these tweets that went viral, again, as we remind ourselves of the weird and wonderful thought process of a fanbase in a panic over a liquidation event that they claim never happened.

From doing the bouncy with Broxi to paintballing with only red, white and blue pellets, this truly was the peak of The Banter Years. Until this wee gem was unearthed:

Even though this guy was genuinely serious, the whiff of misogyny from these suggestions went completely over his head.

And the Celtic fans loved this trip down memory lane:

But spare a thought here for poor Irene. Who was ‘wanting to do something‘. But in the end. Didn’t.

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