Former Celtic flop seems to have scored own goal with Russia job

Earlier today it was reported that former Celtic flop Marvin Compper had taken over the reigns at Lokomotic Moscow after the departure of former Head Coach Markus Gisdol.

For Compper it is a stunning turn of events for a guy who’s career in football came to a standstill at Celtic for some strange reason.

But as news broke that he has taken the interim managers job at the Russian club, it seems now that he may have scored an own goal now that the reasons for Gisdol’s departure has been announced.

Speaking to Bild, the former Lokomotiv coach said, “For me, football coaching is the best job in the world.

“But I cannot pursue my calling in a country whose leader is responsible for a war of aggression in the middle of Europe.

“That is not in line with my values, which is why I have resigned from my position as coach of Lokomotiv Moscow with immediate effect.

“I can’t stand on the training ground in Moscow, train the players, demand professionalism and a few kilometres away orders are given that bring great suffering to an entire people.

“That is my personal decision and I am absolutely convinced of it.”

Should Compper have followed in his countryman’s footsteps or was he right to take up an opportunity in coaching?

For me, he should have showed solidarity with his fellow German.

And that is a decision that could come back to bite him.

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