Hugh Keevins breaks ranks and calls out Sevco legend

Motherwell’s smash and grab job at Ibrox was delightful.

Celtic fans went from the pain of dropping two points to the absolute joy of watching their closest rivals throw away a two goal lead to draw 2-2.

And just like that, natural order was restored.

But, rather unusually, there was one man, well there was three but I’ll get to that later, that was particularly at fault for the loss of the two goals at Ibrox.

And that was Alan McGregor.

McGregor, to be fair, has been an excellent ‘keeper for *Rangers over the years but this season, he has been at fault for dropping point in some high profile games. And yesterday was no different.

Also what wasn’t very different was his reaction to the loss of the goals and, surprisingly, Superscoreboards Hugh Keevins called him out on the show.

He said of the veteran stopper, “As soon as McGregor came running out of his goal after the second on went in for Motherwell I thought to myself, he knows he’s at fault.

It’s a classic McGregorism.

He came running out blaming everybody, waving his hands.

And I always think to myself, he knows he’s made a mistake there.

This is his diversion away from himself.”

And that is exactly what he has been getting away with for years.

Takes the praise when he is the hero, but deflects when he is the villain.

And what’s better? His own fans are turning on him.

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