“Every bit as much of a problem as the players right now”, “Doesn’t have a f****** clue”, “Big decision coming up in the summer for Wilson and board” – Follow Follow turn on Gio

Football fans are a fickle bunch aren’t they?

Well, *Rangers fans are at least.

Hot from labelling wee Gio as the new Gerrard (ok, they didn’t but you know what I mean) after the win against Dortmund, you would have thought that the Ibrox manager would be cut a bit of slack following the world beating result of best European club in Europe award.

But alas, you are only as good as your last game and unfortunately for GvB, his last game was a shocker and Dortmund is now but a distant memory.

In truth, nothing has changed. There’s three points still separating us and them. The goal difference remains the same.

Hell who am I kidding. EVERYTHING has changed. *Rangers have been shown up for not having the bottle for this title fight after being practically handed a gimme and their fans just don’t like it.

Follow Follow created a thread ‘Let’s talk about GvB‘ and it is brilliant:

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