“Absolute gimps”, “A short story from the Mensa meeting” – Watch Gers TV embarrasses itself with brilliant Celtic conspiracy

I love it when they drop points.

Genuinely love it. For the main part, because it extends Celtics lead at the top of the table but for the sheer pain that it brings to social media, it’s worth it alone even if our team did the same.

Because there is no other fan base that is as entitled as this lot.

No other fanbase thinks that they should be steamrolling teams if they just turn up. The superiority complex of ‘ra peepo’ is just outstanding.

But when it comes to referee conspiracies, this lot top the lot.

Being a benefactor of dodgy decisions for decades, now that the spotlight is so intense on the men in black, it seems that all these ‘honest mistakes’ are drying up for the Ibrox mob.

And how they don’t like it.

The latest theory is that Celtic benefit from added time more than their club and the amount of time they get is too much. Just watch these guys from Gers TV [Tam sellic son]:

Outstanding burn.

Look at the pain on their faces. And what is it with the sideways conversation? Just turn the f**king chairs around!

The Celtic fans took great pleasure in their pain:

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