Go Radio goes full Sevco with bizarre Celtic analysis

The Scottish media are a strange bunch.

The amount of selective reporting that goes on around Scottish football, especially when it involves Celtic, in mind-bendingly bizarre.

I have never seen such furore or aftermath than I have this season whenever a refereeing decision goes in favour of Celtic.

And how the masks slowly slip when these decisions are coming when the destination of the SPFL trophy is close to being decided.

The Go Radio Football Show is a relatively new talkshow. In trying to rival Superscoreboard in Glasgow, they are generally doing a good job.

But as their nightly panel list slowly gets filled with former *Rangers players so does their impartiality with pro Sevco comments or anti Celtic narrative.

With Leeane Crichton and Craig Moore on the panel on last nights show, they both had these comments to make about Celtic’s third and winning goal against Aberdeen.

Crichton’s comments are disappointing, more so as she is a former Celtic employee, but also considering Dermot Gallagher had confirmed that Abada was not offside so there was no discussion regarding the ‘foul’, “Rightly they should they should feel aggrieved in terms of those decisions.

Tough ones perhaps to get right for the referee, how quickly I think the turnover from Celtic was going for that third goal.

But undoubtedly there was an infringement. He affects David Bates challenge really making any sort of challenge to win the ball.

Could he have been a bit cuter? You know, drawing the attention of the referee closer towards it?

Perhaps but these are the moments in football that are fine margins.”

And Craig Moore? Well it was clear what he was going to say, “I think the third goal, the winning goal, was was was offside.

I mean, with VAR it would be very clear. We don’t have that obviously, it was close but he was offside and also impeded Bates.

Bates has got to be stronger. Moving him out the way maybe, or be a little bit cuter in terms of winning the free kick.”

So there you have it. Abada was onside but the goal should not have stood.

You can tell Celtic are top of the league can’t you?

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