“He’s offside man” – Ally McCoist tears as former Rangers manager has live radio meltdown

Wee Ally is usually not bad when it comes to his punditry. As a Celtic fan and blogger it pains me to praise a former Rangers player in the media because, generally, they are so blinded by the love for their old club (or new club) that they simply can’t be impartial.

But McCoist is generally decent and tried to be.

But this morning on Talksport he had a nightmare when himself and Alan Brazil were discussing Jota’s winner at Pittodrie.

Brazil seemed to be poking McCoist when he said,  “Were they saying it was offside or were they saying there was interference?”

McCoist responded: “They can’t make up their mind whether it was one yard offside, two yards offside or three yards offside Al.

“They just can’t make their minds up. You’re having a laugh you aren’t you?

“Not only is he offside, but he interferes with Ferguson as he tries to block it.

“He’s offside man.”

And Brazil replied,  “So if you brush someone now it’s interference?

And McCoist signed of sulking: “He’s offside mate. You know and I know it.”

It’s that kind of pain that will make this title win so much sweeter as everyone in the media had Celtic written off this season.

Ange has built a solidity and belief in this team and I cannot wait for the rest of the season.

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