BBC program breaks ranks with anti Sevco tweet

Well, well.

It’s not very often you see this is it?

As the title race hots up and it seems that whenever dodgy decisions go Celtic’s way, there seems to some sort of meltdown by either BBC Scotland or the Scottish media in general if that decision means Celtic get a victory.

And before any of Sportsound’s journo’s quote tweet this in a huff (Tom English), the recent debate from last night, Kyogo’s cup final and Hearts goal, Kyogo being a ‘diver’ all prove my point. So wheesht.

But popular BBC football satire program ‘A View from the Terrace’ quote tweeted Rangers announcement of a penalty with this:

Which brilliantly encapsulates the mood of the Scottish footballing nation.

There’s always a penalty. So much so that even some Celtic accounts have started running joke bingo games on it:

I wonder how many more they will be awarded from now until the end of the season………..

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