Brendan Rodgers gets the Celtic fan reaction after Fabrizio Romano’s claim

It was just a matter of time wasn’t it?

As soon as Celtic start climbing the league and get to the summit, the stories about players being targeted (and our manager which I’ll get to later tonight) start rolling in.

Except this one wasn’t from the SMSM which is why it has grabbed all the headlines.

As soon as Fabrizio Romano claimed Leicester City were looking at Josip Juranovic, it was all the ammunition the Celtic fans needed to have another go at the former boss.

A large proportion of the fans have not forgiven him for walking out of the club in 2018 half way through a season and this latest news certainly hasn’t endeared him to them much either:

There were other replies that I simply would not post on here (as you could imagine) but it seems like an all round message to the former Celtic gaffer.

Two words, One beginning with F and the other ending Off.

One thought on “Brendan Rodgers gets the Celtic fan reaction after Fabrizio Romano’s claim”

  1. Alol they have got is money plenty of money , tell Rogers to go and fuck himself the reason he went south was the money being offered to him .,the rest was all s
    Crap ,but I hope the board at park head do the same . Because we could loose our manager

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