That time Rangers fans begged Trump to save their dying club

This twitter account is brilliant for all the historical shenanigans that went on when the Oldco was breathing it’s last breath.

You want something dug up about that club, you can bet Cluster One will have it.

Like this belter of a sequence of tweets.

When the Rangers supporters were watching the Oldco’s life flickering out of it’s very eyes what did they do?

Organise a rally? Create a fundraiser? Even hold talks with the old board? Nah, none of that.

They waved wee red cards from the stands and watched on as the club went into liquidation and eventually died.

Oh, and some of them tweeted Donald Trump.

As if the real Donald Trump actually controls the account. Superb stuff. So I did a search to see if this was a widespread thing or just a couple of randoms and, f*** me!

There was loads of those types of tweets. Enjoy:

Can you buy or or RT me? 😂😂😂
No to wind farms! 😂😂😂😂
Dear Lord!

And the final tweet. We knew then. They know now:

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