Major Celtic bloggers brilliant transfer and contract opinion will leave Hoops fans buzzing

In this game there are people you listen to. Those people that when they speak you sit up and take notice.

One of those bloggers, for me, is my good friend James Forrest.

James runs The Celtic Blog and offers his opinion on all things football through the eyes of a Celtic fan.

He has this knack of talking about current affairs in the game and putting a slant on it that grips you as a Celtic fan but seems to enrage the *Rangers supporters. Like this piece here.

It sent the *Rangers fans apoplectic whilst they missed the whole point of the article, which has actually came true.

Cutting, some would call it.

But this time it’s a simple transfer story.

James addresses the Scottish media’s futile and pathetic attempt to turn Tom Rogic’s contract situation into an issue where none exist.

It shows just where we are a club that where there is no bad news, the SMSM try to fabricate one.

As we all know, Ange was having none of it but James’ take was quite telling, “Rogic will almost certainly be offered, and sign, a new deal within the next few months.

“It’s just not at the top of Ange’s list of priorities right now.

“At the same time, the club will attempt to tie up deals for Jota and Carter Vickers; we will see how that progresses, but we shouldn’t be overly concerned as both will cost us £6 million apiece and we’ve already seen from the manager that he will know exactly how to spend that money should neither player sign.

And for the record, I reckon we’ll get both of them.

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