“Cheating with EBTs that liquidated your old club?” – Celtic fans rinse Sevco Rogic troll

They’re a weird wee bunch aren’t they?

The *Rangers fans seem to have went apoplectic at Tom Rogic’s Sky interview yesterday. The big Aussie hit back at pressure claims in the post match interview by telling him that ‘Celtic have been top of the pile for a decade’ and it seems to have triggered something in the Ibrox support.

Now after Celtic completed a second nine in a row and Quadruple Treble, the goal was to get that tenth title to be the first club in Scottish football history to have that honour.

Obviously it didn’t go our way and *Rangers took the title and after 10 years, they still only have one piece of silverware to their name.

But as Rogic put the Sky reporter right it triggered this response from a Govan resident:

And why was that? Why was it a one horse race for most of the decade? And why did Celtic manage to win a Quadruple Treble with his team in the league?

Very selective memories these guys but the Celtic fans, as always, were at hand with quick reminders:

Poor guy. Bet he wished he hadn’t bothered now!

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