“John is bealing!” – Hugh Keevins brilliant put down as Sevco fan goes full Deludeamol

Wednesday night has really hurt them hasn’t it?

It drove a stake deep into their tiny wee hearts as the realisation starts to sink in that they just are not that very good!

Rangers fans expected to walk this title. Of that there is no question.

They cannot believe that Celtic have come so far in such a short space of time under Ange Postecoglou and it is painful for them to watch.

They were convinced that in wee Gio, they had themselves an upgrade but that is simply untrue.

The cracks where there when Gerrard was there. Gio just papered over them.

And true to form, they have collapsed after the winter break AND in front of fans.

But this one one fan wasn’t having any of it. Not one bit. He called Clyde 1 Superscoreboard so you just know this is going to be comedy gold.

He believed that there was a stat in the game that proves Rangers were not completely out of it and it got to a point in the conversation that even Kenny Miller used the words ‘even the most staunch Rangers fan’.

Brilliant. Have a listen:

It’s amazing that as a football fan you only see what you want to see isn’t it?

Even if what you see is so clearly evident in front of you that you will make anything up to disbelieve it.

Well, these guys still think they are the same club and have 55 league titles so this call shouldn’t really surprise us.

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  • Winter collapse and fan return…..

    Hehaw tae dae wae wit The Rangers door, it’s ALL aboot Ange and how excellent his team are playing this season….


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