“Nugget” – Celtic fans get Kris Boyd trending

He’s a pundit we all love to hate isn’t he.

Kris Boyd and his analysis of the game last night went viral as the Celtic fans reacted to his analysis of Reo Hatate’s opener, “It should have been stopped [the play after Aribo clashed with Bassey].

“I’m not just saying that, and Celtic have been by far the better team, there is no complaints about that, but that should be stopped.

“I think if you see right at the end there Bobby Madden goes to put the whistle to his mouth then stops.

“For me it’s a head knock in the box and had to be stopped.

“But Rangers have been abysmal in the first half. It’s 3-0 but it could have been five or six.”

Even I couldn’t believe it when he said it.

I could understand that reaction if both players were down for a significant amount of time but it only took about six seconds from the clash of heads until the ball was in the back of the net, if the play was stopped then, it would have been a travesty.

And the Celtic fans are wondering were Kris Boyd is now as he was very quiet after the game when usually he is an animated fool:

Last one pretty much sums him up

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