“It’s just Ramsey. It’s nothing special” – Juranovic’s classic put down on Sevco’s new signing

I love watching Josip Juranovic’s press conferences.

The guy speaks with such enthusiasm and honesty about the game there’s a certain youthful innocence about him that makes him really endearing.

Or if that doesn’t float your boat, then his brutal honesty is just superb as well.

In yesterday’s pre match press conference he was asked about *Rangers signing Aaron Ramsey and what the big Croat said was simply brilliant, “That’s good for them.

“We have here really quality players and we need to watch ourselves.

“It’s just Ramsey. It’s nothing special. I think if you have say, Cristiano Ronaldo in the team, and the team is not going well…it’s not just one player who will change the game, you need to play all eleven.

“In our minds, especially in my mind, I want from first minute to the last minute that I win that game. That’s my attitude.

“I think everybody here thinks like that and because of that we are playing for Celtic.”

Simple. Effective. Brutal.

But in a youthful innocence kind of way.

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