“Celebrated by the fans almost as much as the purchase of Vlahovic” – Gazzetta’s damning summation of Ramsey move

It’s incredible isn’t it? How the Scottish media seem to skew the reporting of a move of an injury prone player to Scotland compared to the English and foreign media.

Heralded by some cheerleaders like Kris Boyd as ‘the best thing since Gazza’ compared to the English media reporting that Ramsey was ‘moved on’ by Juve, the real feeling in Italy is almost just as funny.

Gazzetta sport wrote a very interesting piece on how much Ramsey had cost Juve since his arrival in 2019.

The report says that as Ramsey had only completed 3043 minutes of football in three years (roughly 33 appearances) he had cost the club a whopping €8,800 per minute.

Eye watering stuff.

But the most telling part of the report was the fan reaction to Ramsey leaving The Old Lady, ” Three years later it is difficult to argue that in the Ramsey operation the benefits were greater than the costs, so much so that yesterday his transfer to Rangers Glasgow was celebrated by the fans almost as much as the purchase of Vlahovic.


And Gazzetta? Well, they say this, “And now at Juventus everyone hopes that the goodbye in June will turn into goodbye.”

Pretty damning stuff.

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