“Scotlands Shame reported” ,”This is beyond repugnant” – Outrage at Sevco fans racist rant at Taking the Knee

I mean, where do we even go with this?

How the hell are we still talking about racist comments from the Ibrox support at a time when their Everyone Anyone campaign is still (apparently) running.

Even after Glen Kamara. Even after Kyogo. No lessons have been learned have been learned in their support and it seems they never will be.

And the strange thing? This *Rangers supporter tweeted this when his team were not even playing yet:

I’ll say it again. Where do you even start?

Even in this day and age, in fact, even when his own clubs team is made up of more than 50% of black people how can a guy think this, type it and then think it is a good idea to tweet it?

It really is depressing and sickening and he was told this in no uncertain terms:

Really unbelieveable.

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