Chris Sutton trolls Sevco fans with John Hartson reminder with one hoping Sutton dies!

Got to love big Chris.

At any given opportunity he can get, he loves to drop a wee twitter bomb and it gets under their skins.

Every. Single. Time.

And today was no different.

With news of Aaron Ramsey reportedly making his loan move from Juventus to *Rangers filtering through, Sutton sent the *Rangers fans a little reminder of what happened the last time they tried to pull off a Welsh signing coup:

And looking at the replies you can see he still lives rent free in every single one of their tiny minds.

Some of the replies were standard.

Usual name calling, reminders of helicopter Sunday etc etc….all you would expect from the rivals but I certainly never expected this one:

There is hatred then is just sheer stupidity.

Obviously the tweet was deleted as the Celtic fans reacted to it:

And the most galling thing is she stands by it:

There’s genuinely no words for people like this.

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