MP incredibly continues calls for Sevco compensation inquiry

Just a few days ago, Born Celtic, reported that a prominent MP called for an inquiry into the multi million pound compensation packages that have been paid to the former *Rangers directors after their court action claim last year.

Charles Green, David Whitehouse and Paul Clarke were all awarded over £26m in payments from the CPS and Kenny McAskill said at that time, “The sums paid by the Crown in the fallout from the Rangers liquidation debacle are extraordinary and eye-watering. No victim of crime would receive anything like those millions.

Today the MP has repeated those calls in a column in The Scotsman where he claims that, “There are more twists and turns in the Rangers liquidation case than in a hotly contested title race.

Clearly there is more dirty washing to be revealed in this whole sorry saga and it will be interesting to see what comes out now that an MP is personally getting involved.

Watch this space.

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