“Alex Rae and class in the same sentence”, “It’s getting tragic now” – Hoops fans lambast Alex Rae’s Celtic legend comments

Broony will forever be a Celtic legend. That much is clear.

Even although he wears the red of Aberdeen he will always be in the hearts of the Celtic fans.

But not as much as he lives in the heads of the Sevco fans and their cheerleaders in the media.

You would think that the biggest crime of the century was committed at Pittodrie as Scott Brown used all his experience and nous to have the Ibrox club served their first red card in two years.

The reaction to the sending off on the pitch was almost as laughable as the reaction off it at the usual Sevco cheerleaders like Alex Rae and (for God sake) Colin Hendry were rolled out to talk of Scott Brown lacking class.

I mean, could you have picked the worst two guys in football (bar Kris Boyd) to dust off and ask them for a comment on a player who gave their new club nightmares for 10 years?

And, as predicted, they did not dissapoint.

Leaving Colin Hendry aside (in fact you can read about that embarrassment here), Rae spoke about Brown’s ‘lack of class’ and it was torn apart by the Hoops fans.

It seems the Scottish media don’t do irony, just as the Celtic fans do not suffer fools:

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