“Postpone it!”, “Everything to suit that mob” – Brilliant Follow Follow terror at Alfie news. They blame Celtic for his call up!

This is a turn up for the books is it not?

All winter break we have heard them bleat on about how Celtic s*at it from them as ten of the twelve SPFL clubs voted to bring the winter break forward to allow the possibility of crowds back into stadiums.

Rather weirdly, *Rangers fans were in favour of locking themselves out of seeing their team just to disagree with Celtic’s stance.

Think about THAT for a minute. A weird wee bunch.

But back to my original point. We s*at it.

We s*at it because of we were missing key players through injury.

And the latest one of how we s*at it because of the possibility of international call ups (even though Ange wasn’t interested in calling the game off) was another thing of beauty.

Well, all that seems to be forgotten about as the news that wee Alfie gets a Columbia call up filtered through their ranks, the calls for a postponement seem to have ramped up now.

From them!

Have a look:

These next three guys thinks we had a hand in Alfie’s call up!

Now it’s the SPFL’s fault……………………

This one is my favourite. Scott Arfield should have become Mystic Meg in his spare time!

The last two days have been really unkind to them!

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  • Not claiming to be Nostradamus, but I meantimes imagine this very site a couple of days back that they would be happier with the postponement and may declare, but would be wanting us to submit a request first to save face.

    I might be wrong, but I think they only have Aribo & chubby on international duty, so they would need Sands or someone else called up to qualify to allow them to request a postponement.

    Ange has said he’ll make his decision on Saturday once Japan has announced their team, so time will tell. I would be inclined to go ahead with the game, but we also have a couple of tough ones before we get to the Skelpfest.

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