“I checked the rules on FIFA” – Listen as SSB panel laugh at hilarious Sevco callers pain

Superscoreboard is brilliant when it comes to the pain of Govan.

Not only are they still unbeaten in the league, they are still four points clear.

But are they happy? Noooooo.

Ok, they’ve never had a penalty given against them in I don’t know how long or a red card in over two seasons. They got both in one game.

Has that tipped them over the edge? Bingo.

And it’s quite incredible.

In fact, I’ll go one further. It smacks of entitlement.

But as the fall out over their 1-1 draw at Aberdeen and as Scott Brown continues to consume the very fibre of their beings, this caller was superb.

Rather than just accept that these happen and ‘honest mistakes’ can happen to everyone, this one guy sifted through the annuls of the FIFA rule book to find something, ANYTHING, to show that his team had been cheated.

Have a listen:

I stopped at Andy Halliday because, well, you know why.

But it is stunning the amount of nonsense these guys come away with and it is strange though.

They can check through hundreds of pages of FIFA rules but when you ask them to Google ‘liquidation’ their fingers stop working. All eleven of them.

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  • According to FIFA rules, Greegsy should be charged with being drunk and disorderly every time he goes onto the pitch….
    P.s,The *Rangers* are NOT unbeaten in the league.

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