Listen as Superscoreboard takes the unusual step of calling out Celtic fans live on air

This story is a hard one for me.

For two reasons. Firstly, I am in agreement with the Superscoreboard team and Hugh Keevins about what I am about to write and secondly, the online abuse aimed towards a current Celtic player for me is tasteless by the fans regardless of whether or not you feel the guy is good enough or not for the team.

I bang on consistently about how good Celtic twitter is at clamping Sevco fans or journalists and pundits on this show when they talk absolute nonsense about our club, but on this occasion I feel let down by a section of the fans.

Yesterday, Celtic announced a contract extension for back up ‘keeper Scott Bain. As back up keepers go, he can a job when covering the odd game or two if Hart is injured or suspended.

But when Celtic announced it on Twitter yesterday, the news was met with utter incredulity from the Hoops fans.

Over 400 replies to the tweet and after a quick scroll down, I had to stop reading.

In fact, the replies to the tweet were so bad, it was addressed on Superscoreboard.

It’s bad enough we need to listen to the vitriol about our club on that show, but some Celtic fans are giving them ammunition now.

Have a listen:

Listen, no player is above criticism at the club but lets get down to the hard brass tacks here.

Scott Bain has done nothing to deserve the abuse aimed at him on Twitter.

All he did was accept a contract offered to him by the manager.

The manager.

If you want to aim your views at anyone, why not aim them at Ange for this deal?

It was his call. Ange gets all the kudos for the deals he gets right, if criticism is justified, let him know. But obviously, that won’t happen will it?


  • There’s a breed of so called Celtic fans (not supporters) out there that are so dumb that they would fit in well for the team south of the river.

    Bain is not our No:1 and not has he claimed to be. However, in my opinion only, he’s not a terrible goalkeeper either and is a decent understudy for any team. He was offered a contract and he took it. What is so wrong with that? I really wish these idiots would get the head out of the proverbial and either support the team wholeheartedly, or go and find another sport or club to spill their bile and leave the supporting of Celtic who actually love the club.

    • Fantastic reply to that situation.I totally agree with you.Support them or don’t,but do not condemn your own players.Especially when they are doing their job when asked.Remember,Scott probably go’s on Twitter too and bad comments from so called Celtic fans could actually put someone on a downward spiral.

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