“The ones that helped bankrupt them?” – Celtic fans rinse another Sun Sevco transfer backfire

There has been a lot of these stories flying about since the transfer window opened.

It started with The Daily Record listing all the Oldco’s most expensive exports since selling Patterson to Everton.

Now it’s the turn of The Sun.

After what looks like another transfer window and not a penny leaving the Ibrox coffers (if there even is such a thing) this ‘newspaper’ ran a Sevco story listing them most expensive transfer incomings of their history.

Of course, there hasn’t been many, but strangely, the list comprised of signings for the Oldco.

The signings that were, ironically, the cause of death of the original Rangers.

Quick question, if the debt was Oldco’s, how can their signings still be part of the Newco’s history?

Yeah I know. It’s as if the SMSM is trying to deflect something.

Can’t quite put my finger on it right enough.

But people smarter than me figured it out:

Never let them forget.

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