“That’s going something” – Listen to journalists in knots as Chris Sutton rips into Sevco supporters ‘call off’ hypocrisy

Chris Sutton is superb isn’t he? No matter what he says or what he does, he lives rent free in Rangers supporters heads.

From banning him from Ibrox to sectarian abuse, he gets right under the Ibrox supports skin.

And it is little wonder.

His sarcastic style and cutting analysis makes him one of the best pundits in the Scottish game.

And he is a genuine pundit.

Not like those frauds Kris Boyd (where is he by the way) and Charlie Nicholas who just say anything anti Celtic in the hope of getting a few extra views and clicks.

However, speaking on the Record Celtic podcast, Sutton made his point about the upcoming Glasgow Derby and how Celtic should be able to postpone it if they want to.

Now I know other sites have already commented on this but did they catch this beauty where he got the Record journalists in knots when he said this, “Yeah well I mean do Celtic want to win the league or not?

And if they want to win the league then that’s a far better chance to do it with with the best players inside and you know he mentioned three big games.

Celtic can’t afford to drop points so you know Celtic are quite within their rights to call again off.

And I think Mick made a pertinent point is Rangers fans might complain about that but I think they they called the game off.

Rangers fans might complain about that but when they were in Division 3 against Cowdenbeath or Forfar when Ally McCoist was manager.

Was it Division 3? I mean that is, whatever way you look at it, that’s going something.”

Have a listen below.

Classic Sutton. Expect the Ibrox ‘ban’ to be extended mate.

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