“Take a day off mate”, “Joe Black levels of obsession” – Celtic fans react to Ewan Murray’s outlandish Celtic tweet

What can you say about journalist Ewan Murray.

A Hearts fan. No, he is. Really he is!

And he does seem to have an unhealthy obsession about Celtic.

As an impartial Scottish journalist, he’s doing a brilliant job of showing his hatred towards one particular club in the country.

And every time he does, the Celtic fans slap him down.

And the strange thing about this? He is raging about a Hibs player being banned for playing against Celtic.

Honestly. He’s a Hearts fan.

His latest tweet provoked this response from the Sevvies and it I have to say, I really enjoyed that one.

I mean why even bother about this? Especially when your tweet is factually incorrect as Ian Bankier never cast aspersions on any referee’s character like Paul McGinn did. What a strange wee man.

But it is the Celtic fans response to this that caught the eye:

HEY! He is a Hearts fan!

I think.

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