Listen as Superscoreboard managed to find an ‘expert’ to review Riley McGree.

You have to hand it to Clyde 1 Superscoreboard. Whenever a transfer story breaks or if there is a rumour of a transfer story the Glasgow based show tries to get an ‘expert’ on to give their expert opinion on the player in question.

Clyde have really outdone themselves here. Gabriel Sutton, a Birmingham City ‘expert’ appeared on the show to discuss Riley McGree.

They have managed to find the only expert that had nothing positive to say about a prospective Celtic player.

In fact, the expert was so bad, even Hugh Keevins had to be stopped mid sentence by Gordon Duncan as he said that Sutton was going off in tangents and when he spoke of Celtic’s ‘fall from grace’ the young blogger simply ‘forgot’ about the Parkhead sides Quadruple Treble.

This is genuinely one of the worst takes I’ve heard of a footballer in a long time. Have a listen:

Quite incredible right? And remembering the days of Barcelona and Lisbon Lions? A fall from grace? What the hell was he talking about? How is that even relevant now?

And you know how I know this guy is no expert on Birmingham City? Pretty much their whole fanbase agrees that losing the young Australian is a blow to their club as they rate him very highly.

Well done Clyde! Outstanding radio!

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