Sevco supporting Talksport hack mask slips over EPL tweet

The pain of signing the Japanese boys really has hurt them.

So much so that one Talksport journalist tweeted a story surrounding Southampton’s grief over new January signings being allowed to play in rearranged suspended fixtures and mentioned the SPFL ‘keeping tabs’ on the story.

The question is why would the SPFL have any interest in a story that doesn’t concern our game? Well, when you delve a little deeper into it, a quick look at the journalists follow list explains a lot.

A Rangers supporting hack that can’t leave his bias out of it. Clearly a loaded tweet aimed at Celtic’s Japanese signings, Weir clearly is crying about the winter break being brought forward and using his employers story as a cover to air his own agenda driven drivel.

Called out on it, Weir went on a Celtic fan blocking spree.

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