“Wow. it’s scary they actually believe this.” – Sevco fans European Cup tweet is the most idiot thing I’ve seen this year

You all know this blog right? Bring some Celtic news, laugh at Sevco. The usual from a Celtic blog right?

And you would think that I had seen it all from them wouldn’t you?

From denying liquidation to dominating Scottish football after one trophy in their ten year history, they really are the only show in town. Well, for embarrassing themselves they are.

But his one tops the lot.

This one is the mother of all f**kwittery that even I couldn’t believe it when I read it. And the crux of it is, NOT winning the European Cup was BETTER than winning it.

I kid you not.

And when challenged on that, the guy didn’t back down, he DOUBLED down by claiming Rangers were cheated out of it:

You genuinely couldn’t make it up. Well, until his THIRD idiotic tweet still trying to back up his argument:

But let’s focus the laughs on the first tweet. Have you EVER heard of anything more ridiculous in your life? If you have post it in the forum here and give us all a laugh.

In the meantime, here are the best replies to this deranged idiot:

Outstanding isn’t it?

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