Daily Record have started Sevco transfer bingo early. But it’s not wee Alfie.

As the transfer window approaches, the Celtic fans have had their fill of stories from the media.

What is clear though is that the Hoops will strengthen this window. No question.

And as the Parkhead side think about adding to their squad, the usual media drivel regarding our rivals across the water has begun as they start hawking their players for big moves.

Which is strange as they haven’t made a transfer deal of any note since they were formed in 2012.

The Daily Record seem to have an abnormal fixation of selling Rangers players in their media and yesterday there was two articles published by them telling us all Joe Aribo is the next ‘big transfer’ to leave Govan.

Led by Keith Jackson, he wrote an article which I can only describe as being a job appraisal, Aribo is being touted for a move worth squillions of dollars.

But not only that, apparently the Ibrox club could manage without Kent, Kamara, Tavernier, Barisic AND Morelos as this cheerleading fluff piece touts them all as players that they could survive without.

It sounds like Jackson is softening up the fans of Govan for a fire sale and Rangers have written this article for him as a way of an explanation should any of these guys leave.

January should be interesting.

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